Vocal loops with Midi Godz right now: MIDI processors can be chained in the same way as audio effects, the only difference is that instead of audio, we get to transform the incoming MIDI data. Perhaps the most important and popular MIDI processor is the arpeggiator, which turns the incomingRead More →

Reliable karaoke singing fun locations Gangnam: Unique Dynamics of the Korean Nightlife ! Clubs. Clubs are most like nightclubs around the world. They are situated in party districts, mainly like Itaewon. Clubs have a dance floor where guests can dance along to loud music. DJs can show off their movesRead More →

The rise of a pop singer-songwriter star : Toronto’s Dylan Pulver: A songwriter transformed to producer who has no limits, Dylan Pulver began building his home music studio in 2017. With his upcoming 1st album release “Do What You Love”, the 27 year old tour-de-force is about to take theRead More →

Johnny Hachem or the climb of a gifted pianist: Johnny Hachem is one of the most brilliant pianists in today’s time. He has performed at various international festivals, including ones held in Ukraine, Lebanon, Switzerland, England, Austria, Germany, France, Spain Poland, Romania, The Netherlands, South Korea, as well as theRead More →