A new and very simple way to document your software processes

A new and very simple way to document your software processes

A modern and extremely simple way to document your software processes, a new online software solution for organizing software requirements. Today’s software programming has become an extremly complicated thing to organize. Let’s start with the basics: The markdown method in Docstell is very convenient to use. When a text zone is added to a node you can start typing your markdown right away. When leaving the edit area the text is automatically formatted. The idea with markdown is that it will save you a lot of time when formatting your texts. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, which is then converted to valid HTML. Instead of getting frustrated about how a lot of common word processors format your text in every way but the one you want, markdown is very predictable and easy to learn.

Docstell is also adding functionality to upload documents to a node. You can upload any type of file and share with you team or keep it in a private node. Just drag it from you computer and drop it on the node you want to attach it to. They added a preview area that makes it possible to preview files adjacent to your other information. You can view for example pdf, docx, xlsx, csv, txt, png, jpeg and mpeg4 files. If you for example receive a specification in a pdf file format you keep this file here together with the rest of the documentation and will easily be able to preview it and let all your team have access to it.

Dynamic infinite documentation: Organise your information in a tree view. Very easy to restructure to always reflect your priorities. Invite users and start collaborate: Invite your team to your shared workspace. Users can have read only or read and write access. Templates: Create your own templates and use them easily throughout your documentation. Or use builtin standard templates. See more info at Document organizer with diagram editor.

Slack integration was recently implemented to Docstell. This lets you get notified in you preferred Slack channel when someone in your team is commenting your documentation. From the message in Slack you get a link back to the node with the comment in Docstell, this makes it convenient to answer the question in the right context and to build up the knowledge base where it should be. There will also be a number in the browser tab indicating the number of unresolved comments where you are mentioned. The background color of the comments icon is also changed to yellow. When clicking the comments icon you see the comments pane where it is possible to use the filter to see only the ones where you are mentioned.

No matter what kind of project management tool you are using or what kind of team is at your disposal, often times I find one of the causes to be lack of proper documentation, be it requirements, specifications or other kind of information that you need to be able to make correct decisions for your application or system at any given moment. It is possible that the system is documented in some way, but all too often the information is spread out in different places. Some of it might be checked in in your version control system, other parts are on a wiki, some documents are on a Sharepoint site that parts of the team don’t have access to, yet others might be in Slack or in Teams. Or even worse on a teammate’s personal hard drive or inbox. Hidden information that could have been important to make correct decisions is a huge problem.

Docstell lets you focus on the right thing, hiding for the moment irrelative information. Real time documentation, always up to date with the latest information accessible to your whole team. Read more details on docstell.com.