Increase your productivity

Increase your productivity

Personal growth is very important in this 2019 world full of speed and stress. It’s true what they say: breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. But, why? Well, you need to energy if you want to tackle the ambitious goals that you’ve set for yourself, so a balanced breakfast should always be part of your morning routine. I always like to think of my body like I think about a car. If I noticed that I was almost out of gas before I set off from home, I’d rush to the nearest gas station to fill up my tank. Without gas, my car won’t be able to continue moving forward. And it’s the exact same with my body – I need to put in the right amount of fuel (food) so that I can continue moving forward as an entrepreneur.

We’ve all heard that morning people are the most productive people: “You’ve got to be part of the 5 am alarm club! If you’ve slept in past 6 am, then you’re behind already!” or the infamous “The early bird catches the worm!” Groan. According to a 2012 study published by the American Psychological Association, participants who self-identified as “morning people” reported feeling “happier and healthier than night owls.” One hypothesis from the research, however, is that the typical 9-5 workday is geared to benefit those who function at their best earlier in the day.

Getting into work mode directly may often leave you with a cluttered mind. You’d be struggling to determine what task needs to be accomplished first and what could be left for later. Your mind functions at it’s optimum early on in the day. You process information quicker as you start off with a clean slate and hence make better and more informed decisions. So it’s better you plan your day in the morning and get your priorities right. This would save a lot of time and help you channelize your efforts in the right direction. Once you make it a habit to have this morning routine, it will be a 2-minute job. See more info at

Find a style confidence role model. We are always our own worst critic, that’s why it can help to see things from another perspective. Pick a person in the public eye or even someone you know, who shares some of the attributes you are self-conscious about and has great style and confidence. Whenever you are not sure about your look from now on, ask yourself: Would XYZ wear this? Don’t let insecurities taint your true personal style. It’s likely that you have already internalised many of your self-imposed fashion-rules (like “don’t wear skinny jeans”) and automatically ignore certain things while looking for style inspiration. To get a more accurate picture of your personal style, imagine your fairy godmother gave you total confidence. What would you wear? Check out this post if you need a little creative inspiration.

The proper use of colours is another key element of mindful interior design. Typically, various natural hues are the best way to go. These include earthy tones, as well as different shades of blue and green. However, if you like a particular colour that is not so commonly found in nature, you can implement it in the design with various accent pieces. Additionally, using the power of natural colours doesn’t only include painting your walls a different shade or replacing your carpet. The beauty of exposed natural hardwood floors and polished wooden furniture can also do wonders for your peace of mind.

If your daily self-care goals are to get daily movement and nourish your mind give yourself permission to play around with how you will achieve those goals. Create a basic structure but stay flexible in your methods. This is how I do it: I keep a list of my favorite self-care ideas. Some days, I have more time than others so I choose activities that I can take my time on. On days that I have limited time, I opt for quicker activities. No two days are the same so I work with my schedule to figure out what works best for me at that moment. See more info on Well-designed life.