How to extend the life of the waist trainer

How to extend the life of the waist trainer

Let’s talk about the beginners guide to waist training. Back support and better posture: You’ll find many options out there to help with back support and posture improvement, but are any of them as beautiful and versatile as a corset? WE don’t think so! You might be surprised at the number of corsets you would find under a pair of loose fitting scrubs or under those orange vests at your local home improvement store. Whether you’re standing for long periods or tied to an office chair for most of your work day, you won’t be able to slouch if you’re wearing a corset!

It didn’t start from that point. In fact, the waist trainer became popular in the 1500s. Women used it especially after PostPartum to get their shape back and to highlight their best looks… just like they were before they had a child. 🙂 Of course, back then, it was based on tying cotton around the body with bone rods to get their look back. In the 1800s, corsets became the style. You can think it was just a fashion statement, but if you look a little closer at the garments, it was really to highlight the look of attraction to any nearby admirers that want to see all our beauty and glory from the waist up… or down. The waist is the central point that shows it all, isn’t it?

If you’ve always been envious of Kim K’s curves, this is your chance to get a shapely new body. Wearing a waist trainer can help you stay focused on eating healthily and it’s an easy approach that anyone could follow. It’s important to choose the right type of shape wear for your body; once you get used to the feel of your waist trainer you’ll find it’s more comfortable than a second skin. There’s lots to think about including the fit, material and style – but that’s what we’re here for. We’ve already helped tens of thousands of women discover sexy new curves and a slimmer waist and we’re ready to help you too.

How To Use a Waist Trainer
1. Your body must become accustomed to the constriction of the waist trainer. We recommend that the first few days of wearing the trainer to wear for limited amount of time 2-4 hours per day (depending on how much you feel is comfortable).
2. Gradually add an hour or two to your regime until you are able to wear the trainer through out the entire day.
3. Once the trainer is worn-in you can then begin to use the second set of clasps making the trainer tighter.
4. As you lose weight it will become more comfortable and will not feel as tight.
5. Now you can progress to the next size down as part of your continued weight loss regime. See extra details on Waist Training Guide.

What people write about WaistTrain : “Love the latex waist trainer! Made it to the tightest hooks within a week & a half. I wear it at work everyday & recently attempted a jog wearing it. Keeps good form with a straight back! I’ve lost a bit of size especially the old love handles that just were not shifting, but you seriously have to put the work in as well as the trainer but I definitely think it has pulled me in making it all feel flatter. Magic. Highly recommended the latex as it’s longer in size to cover the bra rolls & love handles”

During the weight loss process, you will begin to see and feel the difference as the waist trainer becomes more comfortable and less tight. Bear in mind that everyone’s body shapes are different and that results are not always replicable. To get the dramatic results that a waist trainer can offer, you’ll need to know your own size first. Most women only have a rough idea so it’s often helpful to measure yourself so you know you have the most up to date measurements. Always use a fabric or vinyl tape measure as these won’t stretch, and make sure it remains parallel with the ground at every point. We recommend using two waist trainers during your weight loss program in order to give each trainer a resting period. This will ensure maximum effectiveness in keeping your stomach firm. Your waist trainers should be hand washed in warm water with a non-scented detergent and laid flat to air dry.

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