TIG welding machine highest quality offers in Ireland

TIG welding machine highest quality offers in Ireland

Plasma Cutter GCE GLADIUS 40

PLASMA CUTTER GLADIUS 40 is a new generation of a portable equipment for manual plasma cutting.

They are equipped with inverter technology and pilot arc controller that ensure an optimal current adjustment, excellent performance and cutting quality with increased capability and speed.

GLADIUS machines are combined with a high-quality cutting torch (without HF) specifically tested to obtain the maximum performance.

Pilot Arc Controller – Increases cutting capabilities and speed. Extends tips life. Ideal for grid cutting.
Automatic Protection – Equipped with sensors to protect and alarm for overheating and over-current.
Auto Filtering – Air filtering with automatic water drainage (model without compressor).
Light Weight – Extremely low weight and versatility.
Warranty – 2 years

Equipped With

Earth Clamp (with cable)
Hand Cutting Torch SOLARIS M60 (Direct connection)

Power Supply Voltage (V): 230V
Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz
Rated Input Power (KW): 4.8KW
Rated Input Current (A): 33A
Duty Cycle (40C 10Min): Max. 60% 40A
No Load Voltage (V): 220V
Cutting Current Range (A): 20-40 A
Severance Cut (mm): 25mm (Carbon Steel)
Production Cut (mm): 20mm (Carbon Steel)
Net Weight (Kg): 5.7Kg
Insulation Class: H
Protection Class: IP23
Cooling: AF
Use with Power Generator YES

Jasic PRO 180 DC TIG Welder
Key Features

Includes TIG torch & adaptor, gas regulator, work return lead & clamp
IGBT Inverter technology – for the professional user
Hot start, lift arc, HF arc ignition, 2T/4T
Down slope & post flow
High frequency inverter, high-efficiency
Compact size, lightweight and modern design
Easy start, stable and reliable arc
Auto-compensation for voltage fluctuation
Advanced single PCB construction
Generator friendly
High quality tactile rubber finish to mouldings and handle
5 year warranty

Technical Data

Input Voltage – 230V Single Phase
Input Power (KVA) – MMA 7.1 / TIG 5.2
Amperage Range – MMA 10A – 160A /