A lot of new gadgets, phones,sport watches in 2019! What to purchase? Fitbit is one of the biggest names in fitness tracking tech, but until late in 2017 the company hadn’t gone anywhere near smartwatches. The company has now released two smartwatches, and both feature on this list but firstRead More →

Lets discuss about FUE hair transplant advices Also a few hair transplant maintenance advices. Keeping the recipient and donor areas moist promotes their healing. Saline solution, sprayed on the grafts a number of times a day assists in the process. For the first few days, you may experience significant itchingRead More →

Party wall issues? Here are some advices: The award will usually record the condition of the relevant part of adjoining property before work begins (this is not a requirement under the Act but is considered good practice and is duly provided by most good surveyors). The award may also grantRead More →