Premium pink lab grown diamond factory

Premium pink lab grown diamond factory

Pink lab grown diamond wholesale provider today: Welcome to Messi Jewelry’s lab grown diamond products. Our lab diamonds are cultivated through state-of-the-art processes that replicate the natural formation of diamonds, ensuring exceptional quality and authenticity. With the same chemical composition and physical properties as mined diamonds, our man made diamonds offer unparalleled beauty and durability. Round lab diamonds often called brilliant cut lab diamonds, are highly valued for their brilliance, making them the most popular diamond shape. This shape exhibits the high level of brilliance, with 58 facets, or 57 facets without the culet. Choose a round lab grown diamond with ideal cut grade for brilliance. Find even more information at lab grown diamond factory.

The order of diamond colors from white to yellowish is: from D to Z, DEF belongs to the transparent and colorless level, G to L is close to colorless level, and from K down, the diamond will gradually turn yellow. So when choosing diamond, at least choose diamond with an H color or higher. The clarity is classified under a 10x magnifying glass, and the clarity grades can be divided into FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3, I1, I2, and I3 from high to low. When choosing, we can ensure that the naked eye is flawless, not lower than SI1. It is best to choose the VS level, and if the budget is sufficient, choose the VVS level. The weight of one carat of diamond is 0.2 grams, with a diameter of about 6.5mm. diamond with a weight of less than 1 carat can also be measured in units of “cents”, such as 0.5 carat diamond being 50 cents diamond. When buying a diamond ring, we should not blindly pursue the size of the diamond, because a one carat diamond with poor clarity in cutting color will also look dull and lack fire color.

Lab grown diamond only requires a 30% to 50% discount on the retail price of natural diamond. For example, For example, at a price level, you cannot buy a natural diamond ring for 30 cents, but you can buy a lab grown diamond ring for 1 carat. Overall, purchasing lab grown diamond is relatively cost-effective, and under the same budget, large and shiny diamond can be purchased. Wuzhou Messi Gems Co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing and selling lab grown diamond and lab grown diamond Jewelry. We output 1,000 carats IGI certified Lab Grown diamond Monthly. We have IGI Polished Diamond Grader as well as professional and experienced diamond sales team. Your designs and specifications for OEM or ODM are warmly welcome.

The original moissanite diamond came from the vast stars. About 50000 years ago, it landed on the earth with meteorites. Until 1893, it was discovered in the crater by Nobel laureate Dr. Henry Mozambique and named as Mozambique. It was this discovery that made everyone focus on the moissanite stone. One hundred years later, the North Carolina Laboratory developed a large Mozambique stone for decoration with high technology for the first time. In June 1998, Charles Kova moissanite Diamond Company (C3) in the United States invested $45 million in the development of the perfect diamond substitute, moissanite Diamond, combining high-end technology and technology. Once this substitute was introduced, it became famous for its sparkling colors, causing countless international sensations and increasing demand. Initially, the moissanite diamond was a patented product of Charles Kova moissanite diamond (C3) in the United States. However, a few years ago, the patent had already expired. As a result, companies of all sizes around the world began to produce and sell moissanite diamonds, and the price of moissanite diamonds was significantly reduced.

On this page we showcase large lab created diamonds, this type of diamond is more suitable for delicate and personalized engagement ring collections for women, customized sparkling brooches for attending large events at galas, one-of-a-kind necklaces for collections, and more. Featuring our stunning selection of 5ct-20ct large lab grown diamonds in a variety of shapes and colors. From round to heart and pear shaped, we have a wide selection of diamonds to choose from. Discover even more details on

Everyone needs to pay attention to choosing reliable jewelry brands when purchasing diamonds or gemstones. This can provide effective protection for the quality of gemstones or diamonds, and there are also many styles and choices available. Emerald is known as the king of emerald and is recognized as one of the five precious gemstones in the international jewelry industry. The cultivation of emerald in the laboratory is a replacement for natural emerald. Many people think that lab grown emerald is a fake gemstone for the first time, so let’s popularize science the lab grown emerald together!

Unlike ordinary artificial gemstones and ordinary green imitations, they are already real gemstones. In the past two years, lab grown emerald has been increasingly recognized and compared with traditional natural gemstones. Lab grown emerald have better optical properties compared to natural emerald, appearing more glossy and bright, without problems such as natural gemstones being prone to fading and internal defects. As a substitute for natural emerald, lab grown emerald not only meets consumers’ needs for color and hues, but also reduces costs, is environmentally friendly, and saves selection time. Especially for those who do not like to purchase precious gemstones as jewelry to wear or collect, lab grown emerald is undoubtedly the best choice.